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Latex balloons
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79 CZK
Latex balloons for a themed party with Pat and Mat. Balloons will help you fine-tune your decoration, whether inflated with helium or air.
Size: 30 cm.
Package: 8 pcs.
Foil balloon
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69 CZK
Suitable for any birthday party or themed party. It can be as a room decoration or as a gift. The balloon is suitable for filling with air and helium.
Dimensions: 45 cm.
Package: 1 pc.
Party loot bags
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49 CZK
Party bags for a themed party with Pat and Mat. Bags where friends and friends can take their belongings or small presents from you.
Size: 23 x 17 cm.
Package: 8 pcs.
Pat and Mat party invitations
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49 CZK
Party invitations with the Pat and Mat motif suitable for inviting friends to a themed party.
Package: 8 pcs.






Kuťáci ... a je to! Pat a Mat - زينغو و رينغو  - Zeca e Joca - I to je to! Pat i Mat - En Pat i en Mat - Buurman en Buurman, De twee stuntels - ...and that's it!, Pat and Mat - Hupsis!, Pat ja Mat - ...und fertig!, Peter und Paul, Pat und Mat - Kétbalkezesek, Pat és Mat - Klaufabárđarnir - パットとマット - Пат и Мат - To gode naboer -  پت و مت - Sąsiedzi, Pat i Mat - Тяпа и Ляпа, Пат и Мат, Соседи - A je to! Pat in Mat - Pat y Mat - Tvĺ snubbar - Sepp und Heiri - Now a Ned



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