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Design protective veil Fusakle for the face. Outer part made of 100% PES (polyester fibers). The inner face is a 100% cotton antibacterial knit treated with silver ions. The size of the veil is 23 x 14 cm. Made in Slovakia. It is intended for multiple use. This is not a medical device. Before the first use, and after each subsequent one, we recommend that you always wash the drape in a washing machine at 60 ° C and iron it after drying for even better disinfection and protection.
Effective against COVID-19
EAN: 8586021707989
Price: 199 CZK






Ku»áci ... a je to! Pat a Mat - زينغو و رينغو  - Zeca e Joca - I to je to! Pat i Mat - En Pat i en Mat - Buurman en Buurman, De twee stuntels - ...and that's it!, Pat and Mat - Hupsis!, Pat ja Mat - ...und fertig!, Peter und Paul, Pat und Mat - Kétbalkezesek, Pat és Mat - Klaufabárđarnir - パットとマット - Пат и Мат - To gode naboer -  پت و مت - S±siedzi, Pat i Mat - Тяпа и Ляпа, Пат и Мат, Соседи - A je to! Pat in Mat - Pat y Mat - Tvĺ snubbar - Sepp und Heiri - Now a Ned



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