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Banbao Pat and Mat large farm
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929 CZK
This kit is an organic farm with animals and characters. Pat and Mat learn to take care of their economies and understanding of gardening.

The package contains 541 pieces of dice
Suitable for children from five years
Social game
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629 CZK
At the beginning of the game before me have Pat and Mat daunting task - to repair the house. Then it depends on your skills and luck, if it becomes a shabby hut or a nice house. Although this is a new original game, you‘ll enjoy while playing the popular memory game, dice rolling, and the like.
Travel game
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99 CZK
Help our yourselfers find tools that has lost in his garden. Know, what belongs to him. The game is designed for children aged 4-7 years, developing their memory and concentration. The game can play 2-4 players.
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89 CZK
The goal is to find one in your cards, you can attach to an already laid the card on the table. This creates a kind of snake. If you do not have the card, you must remove the card so long from the field, you‘ll be able to attach anything.






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